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Day 25: Sea Cucumber

by @Sporarum, student at EPFL, and @adpi2

Puzzle description

Solution of Part 1

enum SeaCucumber:
case Empty, East, South

object SeaCucumber:
def fromChar(c: Char) = c match
case '.' => Empty
case '>' => East
case 'v' => South

type Board = Seq[Seq[SeaCucumber]]

def part1(input: String): Int =
val board: Board =

def fixedPoint(board: Board, step: Int = 1): Int =
val next = move(board)
if board == next then step else fixedPoint(next, step + 1)

def move(board: Board) = moveSouth(moveEast(board))
def moveEast(board: Board) = moveImpl(board, SeaCucumber.East)
def moveSouth(board: Board) = moveImpl(board.transpose, SeaCucumber.South).transpose

def moveImpl(board: Board, cucumber: SeaCucumber): Board = { l =>
zip3(l.last +: l.init, l, (l.tail :+ l.head)).map{
case (`cucumber`, SeaCucumber.Empty, _) => `cucumber`
case (_, `cucumber`, SeaCucumber.Empty) => SeaCucumber.Empty
case (_, curr, _) => curr

def zip3[A,B,C](l1: Seq[A], l2: Seq[B], l3: Seq[C]): Seq[(A,B,C)] = { case ((a, b), c) => (a,b,c) }

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Part 1

Run it locally

You can get this solution locally by cloning the scalacenter/scala-advent-of-code repository.

$ git clone
$ cd scala-advent-of-code

You can run it with scala-cli.

$ scala-cli 2021 -M day25.part1
The answer is: 435

You can replace the content of the input/day25 file with your own input from to get your own solution.

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